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How to Import from Thingiverse Import history
1 Enter your Thingiverse username

Only those models you published on Thingiverse can be imported. (stl, obj, ply, off, 3mf, 3ds, wrl, dae model file formats are all supported).


Copy the URL of your Creality Cloud profile and paste it in your Thingiverse bio, so we verify that it's you.

Follow the steps below to find your username on Thingiverse and verify that it's you.
Step 1

Visit and sign in to your Thingiverse account.

Step 2

Click on your Thingiverse avatar and choose "View Profile".

Step 3

On the new page, click on "Edit Profile".

Step 4

Choose "MAKERBOT ACCOUNT" and your username will be showed below.

Step 5

Choose "THINGIVERSE SETTINGS" and paste your Creality Cloud profile URL in Bio.

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